Our approach

laurelAt its heart, executive search involves building a bridge of trust between a candidate and client, so that each party can see the potential for a successful working relationship. Building such trust across cultural divides is both subtle and complex, requiring a depth of insight into the role and the people, as well as a sound understanding of the contexts in which they operate. Our approach is to marry high quality search processes with a deep knowledge and experience of both Arab and international cultures in a personal and effective way.

We work on an exclusive and retained basis, managing a number of searches with the lead consultant always directly involved in the detail of the work. Typically, a new mandate requires an intensive research phase with could last a few weeks, leading to the presentation of a select number of handpicked and vetted individuals all highly motivated for the new role.

We brief candidates extensively so that they arrive fully prepared for their meetings with our clients, and once a decision has been made to to offer the candidate a contract, we will work closely with both parties to ensure the successful completion of the search.